Portable Inverters at your Fingertips

Affordable and reliable power is key to a more productive and sustainable future.

Make energy easier to get and not too expensive or unreliable.

At Powerforge Energy, we are bringing together consumers (people and businesses) and service providers to make it easier for everyone to access affordable energy.

Portable inverters are compact and light, easy to carry and transport.

Solutions: Some Common Use Cases

Camping and Outdoor Adventures

Bring a portable inverter on camping trips to power electronic devices. Choose a compact one with sufficient power, multiple outlets, and that’s lightweight.

Road Trips and RVs

Use portable inverters to power devices and appliances in cars/RVs. Look for those connecting to cigarette lighter or battery and use pure sine wave for sensitive electronics.

Outdoor Events and Tailgating

Portable inverters power outdoor events & tailgating; choose sufficient power capacity & multiple outlets. Great for small refrigerators, TVs, speakers & more.

Backup Power During Power Outages

Use a portable inverter with an external battery during a power outage. Choose ones with high power capacity and external battery compatibility.

Mobile Office or Remote Work

Use a portable inverter to power your mobile office. Choose one with enough watts, multiple outlets, and device compatibility.

Emergency Preparedness

Get emergency-ready with portable inverters that have safety features, external battery, and solar panel compatibility. Stay powered during natural disasters.

We can Create a Sustainable Future for you

Our portable inverters can serve a wide range of individuals and cater to various needs.

50 Partnerships

Vendors in renewable energy are welcome on our platform.

1000 Homes

We have installed our product in more than 1000 places all over Nigeria.

24/7 Delivery Service

We guarantee fast and dependable delivery services throughout the country.

Support & Sponsorship

We are committed to providing dependable sources of energy and are open to partnerships and sponsorships in reaching more people and creating more value.